Spear me your parts!
water bottle vector
Water bottle, 500 ml
lub tube vector

Lumbering Lube, 175 ml "Grease em up nicely"

Bike shine de lux, 175 ml "Sparkles for your darlings"

Bum bum ointment, 175 ml "After 10 hours in the saddle you could need some relief"

rotor gold and silver vector

6 bolt disc fitting, stainless steel rotors with absolut trueness

SuperLite, RaceStop, CrustSpin

multi coloured bolts

Bolt in Grade 5 Aerospace Titanium 6A/4V Alloy. Will never rust and half the weight of steel

gold, silver, titanium drive train
12 spocket road cassettes and 10 spocket mtb cassettes to suite all tastes with matching chains
road wheels
Road & MTB wheels
Tubular carbon wheels for termack and dirt with unbeatable weight and trueness
mtb wheels